Keyword Ranking Software-Videly to rank on top page in 60 seconds

VIDELY is an keyword ranking software that claim to rank your videos at first page of Google and YouTube in 60 seconds. Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds, IS IT LEGIT ? lets checkout all about videly software.

Now a days online business is getting tough and tough. Online marketer faces the huge competition to survive and to be on top. Competing to be on the first page on search engine and youtube has become more challenging.

To be on the top page you need to do lots of keyword research and backlinks and huge attention to SEO to get success. Beside this to rank on top it will take around 6 months to 1 year depending on the competition of the keyword and niche.

So you need a solution to be on top of the search engine in a fast and easy way, videly is here to help you out. Videly help you to rank in just 60 seconds. Lets check out in detail…


As said, videly is a video marketing software that help you to find out the keywords and help your videos to compete and rank on top of the google result and youtube.

Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds is the claim the developer make. the developers though are the more reputed and trusted, will this one make a value for money take? well lets see further.

It is a cloud based new marketing software that easily find perfect keyword for your youtube and make seo friendly title and details that help your video to rank on the top.

Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds


  • Find out the untapped and low competition keywords.
  • Generates the perfect seo titles,tags and description.
  • Drive free visitors from youtube and google
  • Rank your videos on top of google and youtube ranking
  • Provide seo without its knowledge
  • Easy and 100% friendly access
  • Track all your ranking in youtube and google-(pro version)
  • Create detailed video seo reports -(agency version)
  • Does your niche analysis -(pro version)


Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds

1.Keyword Research:

we all know the importance of keyword research. without proper keyword research you cannot rank on top of the competition.

So keyword research is the first step that videly do it for you. It provides all the options you need.

Here you jut need to enter your main keyword and the sources you want to use to find out the keywords( whether google or youtube).

Here you can also choose the country that just awesome for targeting your audience

As you can see, above is the dashboard. Click on “keyword”on the menu bar. On the left hand side type your main keyword and active the source as per your requirement ( youtube,google,bing etc).

With the enter it generates: keyword suggestion list, competition on that keywords,monthly search volume and the recommendation etc. These all data can be filtered as per the requirements.

You just need to select the filter keywords and view the breakdown by each keywords and tick those and copy paste or save them or can be export to your desktop.

2. Creating Video details:

This is the easiest part as videly does all the work for you. Choose the keyword from the selected one and enter it.

You just need to follow the instruction and videly automatically generates the youtube video title,description and tags for you.

You can see below the process:

3. Copy and paste the video details:

The tile,description and tags generated will be visible by clicking on each keywords separately. Here you can customized the title,description if you want. You just need to click on edit and can make the changes and thats it you are ready to go..


Videly has very easy function dashboard. even a person with little knowledge can access it. It has general and easy approach.

As you can see on the top it has menu bar with contains: keywords,video details,niche analysis,video report and rank tracker.

note: niche analysis,video report and rank tracker comes with pro version


Niche analysis comes with the pro version and is highly recommended. It help you out to know how easy or difficult is to rank your video on that particular niche.

By simple entering the keyword videly generates top videos with its seo score and breakdown.


Now this is also very important feature from videly. This one is available with agency version.

VIDELY help you to create a report of your videos which is very helpful for you and for your client.

You just need to enter the video URL and the keyword you want to rank for. Videly will create customized report that includes all the stats and data including the seo factors,which can be updated to boost its ranking in a easy go.


This google keyword ranking software is highly recommended. i really loved this feature which is also in the pro version. you need this if you dont want to pay monthly fee for tracking your videos.

videly rank tractor gives you a detail overview of your youtube video ranking with all likes,views and comments.

Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds


Videly comes with the economical price. Videly has standard,pro version and agency version. Click the pic below to get the product detail and grab it with 75% discount…SPECIAL PRICE JUST AT $47


Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds



Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds


SO, IS VIDELY WORTH IT? Videly software are the best solution if you are looking to rank your video in easy way and in no time.Just 3 simple step and you video gets its ranking in google and youtube.


  • Who want quick result for their videos
  • Who dont have much knowledge of seo and backlinks
  • Who don’t want to wait too long to see their video ranking
  • Who want to rank and earn fast

We highly recommended to check this keyword ranking software. This video software should be considered on basis of its the features and with the price it comes. It’s a value for money software and definitely deserve a try.

Go for the videly software as it comes with 30 days money back guarantee and there is nothing to loose. just a handful and easy success result is the final take.

ENJOY and let the Videly software to rank on page#1 in 60 seconds. GO FOR IT…..

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