What is digital marketing? Basics of digital marketing

What is digital marketing? basics of digital marketing ,that the most demand-able queries we see now a days. Today is the era of digital marketing.Each and every businesses need the digital marketing to get success. Its a booming sector today. We will look into the Basics of digital marketing and what digital marketing is all about.

Online marketing basic is the high searched topic in the search engine. SO a detail walk through is required to know about basics of digital marketing. here we will cover the following content

Table of content:

  • Digital marketing
  • Facts of digital marketing
  • Why digital marketing is important
  • Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing funnels
  • Basics of digital marketing


Digital marketing is the technique of promoting individual or company products to the correct audience through internet and the online channels.

This is just a marketing of a product or services through the devices like: radio,tv,smartphone,laptops etc.

Digital marketing is all about promoting the right product at right price at right place. Like traditional marketing ,digital marketing follows the similar basics of 4P’s of marketing.i.e. product,price,place and promotion.

The Digital marketing takes the things further with 4P’s of marketing. It involves the high focus to the involvement of the potential customers towards its products and services through online mediums.

Companies now a days look into where the majorities of audience are, like facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin and so on….

They highly focus and target to those platform to get more and more sale and increase the branding.

Basically ,there are two types of digital marketing

Offline : it involves marketing on tv and radio

Online: it involves email marketing,mobile marketing,social media marketing etc.

But in broader way there are various method or types of digital marketing

What is digital marketing ? Basics of digital marketing

Facts of digital marketing

The phenomenon word digital marketing came into flourish existence in the year 2000 A.D. But you will surprise to know that digital marketing is in existence since 1910 A.D……….shocked!

Well, thats true digital marketing has its existence for around 100 years ago. The first radio broadcast” the metropolitan opera” was delivered on 1901 a.d.

By listening to that opera many people went to attend the opera show. A good amount of ticket were sold and digital marketing came into existence.

With the time lapse it comes more and more into action. But with the development of technology it has become boom in marketing domain.

Why digital marketing is important

Because of the laid-back of traditional marketing and with the new technology the digital marketing have seen such a boom since 2000 a.d.

Remember how difficult and time taking approach was there to reach the numerous audience.

Overcoming the traditional marketing approach ,digital marketing provides the best and efficient solution for company or and individual

It easily reach out to the targeted audience.

Competition is very high and getting higher and higher with the time.

So to be in the competition its a must for every company to be in the trending approach so that they may not loose their customers.

Now a days customers are very clever. They do lots of research to buy a product.

In the absence of your business online they will never come to know about business and your product

And as a result you gonna loose all those potential customers.

Not only you but all your competitors are now online. so lots of attention and skilled people are required to get the digital marketing right and fruitful.

Paying attention not only of your activities but competitors too is a must.

To make your business successful always keep eye on your competitors. What they are doing and outcome its generator for certain activities

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing ? Basics of digital marketing
Digital marketing has certain advantages:
  1. Easy reach to its potential customers
  2. Less time to reach its audience
  3. Low cost and high ROI
  4. Brand development
  5. Accessible for your customers
  6. Reach beyond the geographical boundaries
  7. Broad audience involvement
Disadvantages of digital marketing are:
  • You need skilled person to do the digital activities
  • fully dependent on technology
  • Never knows which activities will have high ROI
  • without devices digital marketing activities is not possible


Focusing on the digital marketing funnel is very essential for any business to get success. Like basic of digital marketing ,digital marketing funnels is the process through which a customers goes through to buy any products.

It’s a strategic model that represents a complete journey of the customers from brand awareness to become a final consumer.

It involves the several phases:

1. Awarenesss

In this phase the company focus on making awareness about their product and services. customers will be knowing about the product and company and what they do. It is a kind of exposure the first step towards the customers.

All the mediums and channels are used to promote the products. High visibility and exposure is the major concern for the company in this stage. The high level of promotion is done here.

Emphasis is on SEO,SEM AND PPC method. The activities involves:

  • Social media posts and sharing
  • Video sharing in social platforms especially in YouTube and groups
  • Promotion through influence marketing
  • Affiliate approach etc.

2. Interest and consideration

With the correct approach the company generates the interest of the Customers towards the products. With such approach the customers are pushed mentally to consider the product.

Here also SEO AND SEM plays a major role. Interest is mostly generated through taking customer to its website or content landing page.

Direct interaction with the posts,video can take get the company leads. And followed by email,phone numbers ETC are targeted .A awesome CONTENT with all the details about the product are mailed to the customers.

Here, when any customer gets excited about the product and want to know about the product and features. Customer also look into the prices and offers that company is providing.

3. Desire

Its a third phase , if the customer like the price and product then definitely he is going to think about to buy the products. with highly convincing approach THROUGH MAIL OR POST ,VIDEO ENGAGEMENT the company generates the desire of the customers towards the product.

Email and re-marketing method plays a vital role here.

4. Action

By action it means the customers buys the product. Here the conversion/sale is done. Its a final stage in online marketing funnel. The final goal is achieved with all the above activities.


Digital marketing is very vast domain. It involves different techniques into consideration. The well known method of digital marketing we will be discussing here. The method or say basic of digital marketing includes the following :

Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization also refers as “SEO“. SEO is the practice of ranking the website on top of the search engine on a particular keyword organically. Its a organic approach, so it take time to provide you the ranking and the result.

Company uses this practice of increasing the quality and quantity of their website/blog through the organic search engine result. Activities involved here are” on page and off page seo“.

On page SEO: includes all the activities that is done inside a website/blog like high quality content,keyword research,website speed, navigation, responsive design etc . HIGH FOCUS IS ON THE WEBSITE.

INTERNAL LINKING is the major role here. Company wants the audience to involve more and more period of time to their website. The more time customer spend in a website it gives a good single to google that the website has relevant and fruitful experience for its user.

This will take a website to better position and increase the ranking level of the website.

Off page SEO: involves the activities that is done outside the website to make website rank on top of the search engine on particular keywords/phrases. Generating backlinks, sharing on social media, etc are the major activities is here.

Seo is organic way to get traffic for your website. It requires time,content making,promoting and sharing the articles, increasing the value of their website in the eye of google and yahoo bing.

For eg: if you type ” best tv to buy” there you will see particular website ranking on the top of the searcg engine resluts that the work of search engine marketer.

That way company reaches to it audience easily.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is also refereed as ” SEM”. Search engine marketing is the process of gaining the website traffic by paying some amount to google platform to get ranked on particular keywords.

Like seo,this one also highly focuses on generating traffic but in paid way.

The company or individual show their ads in form of display,text,shopping etc that is generated when customer search for that particular keywords. TO GAIN SUCH SPOT BIDDING STRATEGY ALSO PLAYS A VITAL ROLE

SEM involves the following activities:

  • Paid search ads
  • Paid display ads
  • Paid shop ads
  • Pay per click(ppc)

for e.g: if some one type “best shoe” in search engine, you will see some ads. That are that part of SEM.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become popular with the development of technology . Social media marketing is the marketing technique that uses the social media platforms to reach out its audience.

What is digital marketing ? Basics of digital marketing

Facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin etc are few popular platform which are more useful for marketing any product or services.

This form of internet marketing utilizes that social network as a marketing tool to reach to its potential audience. The goal of this method are:

  • Generating traffic to the website
  • Brand development
  • Product awareness
  • Broaden reach to customer
  • Conversion or sale in low investment

Email Marketing

EMAIL MARKETING is the most efficient way to reach to your customers. Email marketing is a technique to reach he audience through emails. A high quality content is design about the company ,its products and prices , and is to attract those customers.

This method is to attract the customer through high sales pitch in form of content. It refers to sending email to groups of people to share the details of the products and discounts.

It involves direct connection with the audience through mails. Trust is generated more EASILY as you keep on interacting with the clients. If the customer trust you he will buy the product from you.

So trust and branding is super easy when it comes to email marketing.

This method is referred as the oldest form of digital marketing. Though it is old method ,even today this has its own significance and generates the conversion.

Email marketing is very economical and converts high for marketers. The statistics says that email generates 31 % more than the investment done.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has also come into existence with the technology development. Its the best and quickest way to reach to your audience.

More and more people are going mobile. so company have opportunity to reach to these customers through mobile marketing.

Smartphone have become more Trendy and necessity for youngster and well as old people so huge opportunity can be grabbed by the companies.

mobile marketing is cheap and conversion is very high. Companies can attract the customers with good deals and offers. Mouth publicity, References and sharing also improves the reach to more and more people.

Content Marketing

we must have heard again and again” content is king”. and that is true…

content marketing is he most important form in digital marketing. content is required in all the forms of marketing. So content spots itself on top method of marketing.

People now a days highly focuses on the content. New and influencing content are much on demand. more job and high pay job also falls in content writing now a days

The content expresses everything that a company want their customer to know about them and their products. It lighten up the idea of product into the customer mind.

informative,high engaging and eye catching content is a must for every companies to attract more and more customers and converts into the profit

Website Designing and Optimization:

Every method that is taken by the digital marketer is to take its customers to its website. So high responsive and quality website is required by the company to make a impression to its customers.

A beautiful and engaging and easy to navigate website appeals the audience

For seo,social media,search engine marketing all need lean towards a website. Therefore it is very important to optimize your website to get your audience a high quality experience and make desire to come back to the website.

A proper theme ,perfect eye catching typography,high Quality images and content plays a vital role here.

Affiliate Marketing

AFFILIATE MARKETING is a process where the affiliate market( who is a selling partner) promotes and sell the company products through a designed link(affiliate link) and get the commission on behalf of selling the product from the company.

What is digital marketing ? Basics of digital marketing

Affiliate marketing is the marketing method that is loved by companies and affiliate marketer as well. Affiliate marketing becomes a helping hand for the company who have to pay when the sale is done by the affiliate marketer. These affiliate market are permitted to sale the product through the link provided by the company.

For affiliate marketer , this is beneficial as he don’t need to buy the product for selling. He just need to sell the company product online and get the commission for his sale.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing are:
  • No purchase of products is required
  • No need of inventory control
  • Just need of bring traffic with the link and sale the product
  • No investment needed
  • Easy reach to customer and more commission earning

Affiliate marketing is also helpful for the companies as it brings more hand as affiliate marketer to sell their product. The company runs the affiliate program and support affiliate marketer to sell the product or services as much as they can.

This is one of the best and awesome technique one can follow whether its s affiliate marketer or a company.

Influencer Marketing

Into the basic of digital marketing,this method is considered as the very popular to get success in no time. The company approach to the people who have good fan following and can influence people to go for that particular products.

We have seen lots of movie star promoting the brand and product, such improves the sale of the company. People easily get influence if the product is promoted by their liked and followed people. Influencer generates the trust on the products and brands

Such influencer can be blogger,artist,movie star,youtuber etc.

CONCLUDE: Though the digital marketing is very vast,no one can expertise on all the methods. But yes with the time and dedication one by one all the methods and basics of digital marketing can be learned.

SO THESE ARE THE BASICS OF DIGITAL MARKETING. I hope you must have liked the article:” what is digital marketing? basics of digital marketing”. I am sure it must have provided some value for you. If yes comment us below to know you uptake.

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