Why small business of Nepal need digital marketing? Importance of digital marketing in Nepal

Why small business of Nepal need digital marketing? Importance of digital marketing for Nepal entrepreneur

Small business has emerged like anything in today Nepal market. Everyone looking to start a new small business and become the boss of their own.

There are several factors that are needed to be successful in the new business. Digital marketing has become the backbone for new startups and small business.

Small business means small investment but high goals. do you really think that is possible.

Well everything is possible if you believe in. But you need tactics and strategies to become success.

Today era is of internet marketing or say digital marketing. As say your potential customers are online,so to reach to those you need to be online platform.

Lets discuss with some major factors in perspective of Nepal territories.

what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is an marketing technique that allow you and your business to reach to the potential customers that are looking for the products similar to yours business products.

In this technique the major role plays is the devices,internet and some platforms like Facebook,Instagram,Twitter,LinkedIn,quora etc

Current Scenario of Nepal Market?

Believe it or not 74% of the nepalese people are involved in business. As there is very less opportunities of job in Nepal territories.

Nepal market totally flourish itself with its small business,retails and shops. Whichever the sector it is the business has strong presence

Till date everything was rely on traditional way of business ,but after covid-19 everything has changed.

Not only big countries like USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,CHINA,INDIA etc.

But small countries also come into focus on online marketing or say digital marketing.

Amazon is the big example for everyone. it has touch the trillion figure in 2019. now you can imagine the potential of bein online

There goes a saying” if you are not online you are not into business.”

So now its time for Nepal entrepreneur to move a step ahead and keep there self with the neck to neck update with developed countries.

Why digital marketing is needed for small business?

Small business has been started with a approach to grow fast and earn a good amount of money. whatever the goal is it should be understood the factors that help the business to position itself.

Factors can be business model,human resources, competition,correct team work, highly marketing and promotion technique and good sales team etc.

So everything need to be correct ot be successful.

In this entire factors , it leads to one point that is leads or say customers. If you have customers you will keep running your business.

So for the customers nothing can be better than the digital marketing.

Benefits of digital marketing for small business in Nepal

  1. Reach to potential customers in no time
  2. High conversion rate
  3. Efficient or low cost
  4. Better growth options
  5. Brand development
  6. Your customer are online today so you have to
  7. Accessible to your customers at any time
  8. Customers finds and comes to you
  9. Target and potential customers can be found easily
  10. Your business will always live on internet

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Digital marketing services that can help small business

1. website designing

2. content writing

3. search engine optimization

4. social media management

5. PPC( Facebook ads and Google ads)

6. lead generation

7. graphics and video design

8. website audit

9. online business consultancy

10. tension free live business

Benefits of Selecting Digital Marketing Agency

1. Will take your business online

2. Connect your business with your potential clients

3. Can generate huge revenue for the business

4. Always keep you ahead of your competitors

5. Keep your business live on internet

6. Hassle free service and management

7. Branding your products and company


It is highly advised to startup and entrepreneur to connect to digital marketing agency. Digital agency will help you to get your business online and can get into the reach of potential customers.

Don’t hesitate to connect to a digital marketing agency if you are looking to be in the business for long run.

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