Best web hosting affiliate programs in 2020/2021-Earn up to $200 per sale

Let’s dive into the Best web hosting affiliate programs in 2020/2021.Web hosting is very lucrative industry. Web hosting is not only in high demand but provides a handsome earning for you.

Each and every business needs a website and for that web hosting is a must. So demand is much more.

Web hosting companies are more focus to get more and more client for them. So for that the web hosting companies has started an affiliate program .

In this program they pay you a certain commission when you refer someone and get client for them. These company are happy to pay you commission for each time you get a customer for them.

If you are a starting a new journey into the affiliate marketing than this article will help you out to know that which web hosting is the best one and what are their payout per sale.

In the market,there are many affiliate marketer who only does web hosting selling as the payout is very high and provides you a financial freedom in a short period of time.

Your commission are here from 20% to 60-70% to upscale. that means each time you referred and gets clients for web hosting companies you will be paid certain commission.

This payment will be made mostly 45 DAYS of the sale made,but totally depend on the rules and regulation of that particular web hosting company.

Here we will see the best web hosting companies in 2020/2021 and what they offer


What exactly we will find herein this post?

  • The payout structure of the web hosting companies
  • Small info and reviews of these web hosting companies
  • which web hosting has recurring payout
  • Which is the best and cheap web hosting
  • Our suggestion on web hosting companies

How affiliate program works?


Sign in all the detail asked in affiliate form. After signing up to affiliate program they provide a referral link that you have to add to your site or any mediums you want to share with.

If anyone click that link from your website or other medium where you have share the affiliate link,then it will be take your customer to your affiliate link homepage.

And as a result, if that person buy the plans from that link than that will be considered as your sale. And as per the payout rules the commission will be provided to you.

That is as simple as that.

What are the best hosting affiliate programs?

BLUEHOST is well renowned and most popular web hosting company. It has tremendous growth over the years and is considered the the best one. Bluehost makes your client website up very fast and keep running in no time. It provides a better c panel interface that ideal for the beginners. It provides various feature are are very budget friendly .

It is one of the old and largest web hosting provider and satisfied millions of its customers.

If you are looking your blog/website as your business. Bluehost is the best among the others. And with affiliate program its a big yes..

Highlight of bluehost affiliate are:

bluehost pays off $65 per sale thats just eye rolling. the more and more singup you refer there is more and more income in coming times.

  • $65 per sale…which is just awesome
  • Recurring income
  • Easy to convert because of its brand value
  • Best tracking software and dashboard
  • 60 days cookie
  • 24×7 support

Bluehost pays you after 45 days of the month sale( in which the purchase is recorded). The payments are send to the your account( as detail provided by you for payout to bluehost) between 16th of the month and the last day of the consecutive month.

For eg; lets say you have sale in Jan 2021, that sale commission will be paid to you on the month of march (6th and 31st march’21). One need to noted is that for the payout you must have balance reach of minimum $100.

Bluehost web hosting affiliates is the first choice and much appreciated web hosting company.

There is always support from the bluehost help center. Beside this they also provides tons of banner for your site to attract more and more customers.

They also provide a dashboard which present all the update of your affiliate links that has been used on the websites of yours.

So, if you are looking for better web hosting program with converts in a huge way- you should go for bluehost affiliate program

HOSTINGER WEB HOSTING is the popular like bluehost. This company has come long way and has its own positioning in the web hosting company competition and parameters.

Hostinger provides the 60% commission on ever sale you make. But to be noted that commission on 1 month hosting plans, there will be no commissionn for should always focus to sell high plans .

Advantages of hostinger web hosting affiliates:

  • Super fast and ssd platform
  • Easy convertible as it has very economical and cheap price
  • High quality services
  • Hostinger’s banners and other promotional materials is provided toyour Affiliate Dashboard ….which makes easy promotion
  • Banners are available in 31 different languages
  • 30 days cookie provided

The best part for your client is that there is 30 days money back guarantee. but for you it will be disappointment for you if your clients cancel the plan, as a result your commission will be revoked.

To get this affiliate program you need:

  • valid contact details
  • Affiliate website or YouTube channel
  • Detail info about affiliate activity

In just below 3 business days it will be approved.

This program is most trusted and high convertible. you must consider this hostinger web hosting affiliate program

GREENGEEKS is considered as one of the fastest web hosting platform. it is highly considered because of its price for the clients. For affiliate marketer also there is good commission of about 50+ per sale.

GRRENGEEKS is considered one of the most environmentally friendly options. This web hosting company is review many times and has generated 4 starts out of 5

Look at the commission structure of greengeeks per month

[wptb id=2445]

So the commission pile up with the time. For the sale of 6+ here is the whooping $100 commission for you.

Greengeeks also provides promo material so that you can make quick conversion.

It offers real time statistics and help you to analyze your activities. You will also provided a dedicated staff who will help you out through the sales and promotions.

Benefits of greengeeks affiliates

  • Scalable hosting solutions : shared, WordPress, VPS, and dedicated
  • 30-days money back guarantee.
  • Reliable uptime: 99.9%
  • Free domain
  • High rich support
  • High payout

INTERSERVER IS THE PREMIER WEB HOSTING. This web hosting has unmatched vps hosting plans as just $6 per month and dedicated one just for $49 per month. This kind of offer help you out to make conversion and make profit.

INTERSERVER pays you flat $100 for every sale you make. Its a huge payout. just refer you affiliate link to your friends,family,website visitors and social media followers to get the conversion . This way you can pile up sale very fast. There is the possibility of earning $5000 per month on a easy go.

Advantages of Interserver affiliate program

  • Great whooping commission
  • Fast payment
  • Uses Paypal as preferred payment method
  • Banners and promo material are provided
  • Customized banners can also be provided with a request
  • 90 days cookie expiry…which is great
  • Unmatched speed within economical price for customers

KINSTA AFFILIATE PROGRAM is more popular among the affiliate marketer because of its unbelievable payout commission of $500 for every referral based on the Entrepreneur plan .

Your earning is minimum $50 to $500 after every signup of your referral.

High point of kinsta affiliate program

  • High speed for you customers……makes happy customers
  • Huge commission upto $500
  • 60 days tracking cookies
  • 60 days conversion window…that mean you are paid within 60 days
  • 10% recurring income for you
  • Payout on time and send right to your Paypal account

It’s a highly recommended for the people who can sell this awesome program to the businesses and entrepreneur.

kinsta affiliate payout are as follows:

[wptb id=2445]

Which is the Best web hosting affiliate programs?

KINSTA AFFILIATE PROGRAM is really good option to look into. This is one of the high pay web hosting program.

as an affiliate market i prefer all of these program as it is very easy to join these program and earn profit. But it always advised not to jump in all the program at a time.

you should choose one of the web hosting affiliate program and focus on the sale of that particular program. In this way ,you will be highly focused and motivated to get the quick result.

I have seen many affiliate marker who jump into promoting all of these program and goes nowhere.

I also suggest few parameter to focus before deciding which is best hosting for you:

  1. Cheap and best web hosting suggestion for your client: this will help you sell fast.
  2. Don’t focus on commission amount initial phase,but focus on which you can sell more: that way you can earn more
  3. Focus on promo material from the program that will help you to attract the client and convert more
  4. Always focus on recurring income program: as it keeps on paying you till your client is active with the program

Click on the link provide in below table, it will take you to particular webhosting page and below click on “affiliate program“. check out now….

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  • Write awesome depth article that provide value for your client
  • Make a sales funnel: its very essential . sales funnel turns your website to a profitable business.
  • Email subscription is a must go for any website for re-targeting and selling the programs.Offer free material also can attract the customers
  • Above all, focus on traffic for you website: more traffic more changes of sale

You can definitely start with web hosting affiliate program of Kinsta,Bluehost or Interserver.

All the best and hope for our success in affiliate marketing career.

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