Why Digitalxpresso.com is the Best Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digitalxpresso is the BEST DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY IN NEPAL in Nepal (Kathmandu) that highly focused on new startups and small businesses since 2020. Digitalxpresso is one of the best digital agencies situated in Kathmandu and Bangalore.


Why Digitalxpresso.com is the best digital marketing in Nepal?

Nowadays people prefer to be their own business and want to start their own work. As a result, there are several businesses that are opening day by day.

But the problem these new startups and small businesses are not having proper knowledge and experience in business especially if we talk about taking on their business online.


Digitalxpresso not only caters to those startups and new small business but work as a partner for the online business department and make the business grow, get huge earnings and reach potential customers in an effective way.

Why do we say that “digitalxpresso is the best digital marketing company“. Well, it stays in its benefit the company provides

Benefits of choosing the Digitalxpresso?

Digitalxpresso is a top internet marketing agency established in Kathmandu Nepal and has a branch in Bangalore, India. It provides digital marketing agency services. the benefits of choosing us are:

  1. Act as the company partner and keep full involvement in the growth of the company
  2. Yearly strategical planning and actions
  3. Full consultancy on the strategy for a successful online venture
  4. customized activities as the client needed
  5. Economical investment and high ROI
  6. Proper planning for campaigning and value for money return
  7. Reach to an enormous audience in no time
  8. Increase the sale of the company
  9. High-quality content and post designs for social media business pages
  10. Branding and Promotion of the company
  11. Hassle free online business
  12. 24×7 customer service

We believe in a “digital marketing company near me” because being closer will be a win-win situation for us as well as for customers too

How digitalxpresso works?

Why do we claim that we are one of the best digital marketing agencies? it’s in our work process.

we believe in 5 steps success rule:

  1. Good product and pricing
  2. Responsive and great looking website
  3. High content and seo
  4. PPC/Ads campaigning
  5. Keep updating and working on the above

How actually we work:

  1. First stage: we keep the meeting with our clients and discuss the requirement of the company
  2. Second stage: we make quotations as per client desires and requirements for the business
  3. Third step: we make strategical planning and actions required for the business
  4. Fourth step: we deploy the activities as per plan schedule
  5. Fifth step: we deliver the result as per the goal of the client and his/her business

With the quotation, we also make clear the payment schedule. we take 60% advance of the campaign structure chosen by the client and the rest 40% after the 20th date of that particular month package.

Members of digitalxpresso?

Mr. R.shrivastava is the founder of digitalxpresso.com -Nepal’s reputed and best digital marketing agency in Nepal.

He is an MBA topper from Bangalore University. He has more than 9 years of experience in marketing and digital marketing.

He has the vision to deliver the best ROI to startups and small businesses with efficient and economical investment.

We have a qualified team that includes: the designs team, social media marketing team, PPC and lead generation team, SEO and content writing team, website designing team, etc.

Whom we cater:

  1. Hotels
  2. Restaurants
  3. Trade business
  4. Medical supplier
  5. Fmcg
  6. Food and beverages
  7. Educational sector
  8. Schools/colleges
  9. Services companies
  10. Real estates

Digitalxpresso is the best digital marketing services company or say best digital agency firm in Nepal

we highly focus on new technologies and strategies that are required for this competitive market and make our client ahead of its competitors and gets success by far.

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