What is digital marketing? Complete guide on digital marketing in 2021

what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is very new to some people.They must be thinking exactly what is digital marketing? Here we will see “What is digital marketing? Complete guide on digital marketing in 2021”

Digital marketing is a form of marketing that is done through online.

It is all about marketing technique that uses digital technologies,devices and platform to promote the products and services.

Here we will get in to the what is digital marketing? Complete guide on digital marketing in 2021

Let’s start….

History of digital marketing:

Marketing is one activity which all of us see around us. Any time you try to buy something, marketing of the company plays a vital role on that part.

Marketing is a mixture of all those activities designed to create exchanges which satisfy human or organizational needs in a way that brings more profit.

Marketing performs the task of both identifying and satisfying customer needs.

Digital marketing development has happened with the technology development  and in current era.

If we look into the history, it all started in the year 1971,where Mr ray Tomlinson sent the very first email which introduced to the world  “ The Receive and Send file” technology through different machines.

In the year 1990, the term digital marketing was first comes into play with the people and popularity of personal computers (pc).

Then now it becomes a essential factor in marketing technology.

Digital marketing with the time become more advanced especially in between 2000 to 2010 A.D.

In the last 10 years the new technologies also has boost the presence, power and need of digital marketing.

In today’s era, digital marketing is also known as “internet marketing” or “online marketing”.

So to reach the customers you have to move to the most used online platform/mediums and connect to your audience or customers.

In this post we will cover “all about digital marketing”…


  • What is digital marketing? The definition
  • What are the benefits of digital marketing?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing?
  • Why digital marketing is required?
  • Types of digital marketing?
  • Common Mistakes People repeat on Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing technique and strategy to reach to the desired or targeted customer through the internet with the help of electronic devices like laptop, mobiles,tablet etc.

On a simple version if we have to say:

“Digital marketing is any form of marketing the products or services through the electronic devices and gets the easy reach to the potential customers.

Digital channels such as search engines, email social media etc. to connect to the prospective, current and targeted customers.

What is digital marketing? a Complete guide on digital marketing in 2021
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What are the Benefits of digital marketing?

1. Higher Conversion Rate

The businesses that use the digital marketing strategies are ready to measure the “conversion rate” through real-time employing a simple method.

The conversion rate is calculated: the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

For example, if an website receives 500 visitors in a month and has 50 sales, the conversion rate would be 50 divided by 500, or 50%

Email marketing, SEO, SMM have a high conversion rate as they will produce a quick and effective correspondence channel with the customer or customer.

All the traffic that’s generated to the web site might not be converted but the target to succeed in the customer is high in less time

2. Low cost

As the process of selling is completed through digital engines and channels the amount that the business needs to invest is far lower as compared to the normal traditional marketing approach.

3. Brand development

Reputation is everything for a business. Companies invest lots of money into the development of its brand value.

So to develop and sustain the name is high priority to the business.

Now a days it’s seen that the customer prefer the branded products because it make a mind-set of shopping for a top quality product or value for the merchandise.

4. Reach to high audience in no time

The reach to the people through the social media platform can make the business or individual successful and go for log run.

Social media plays an important role when it comes to reaching huge audience.

The more and more reach there’ll be high chances of conversion and sale

Digital marketing is fast and effective way to reach the high audience without any geographical boundries.

5. Better Growth Options for small business and startups

To get a product marketed for startups and small businesses, it had been time consuming and was a task in itself.

They had to use the small level strategies where there was no guarantee of success of business.

Digital marketing helps the startups to succeed in its audience in no time and help to focus on its customer.

6. Solving customer problems

Social media or email marketing are often fruitful to supply the customer solution to their problems and queries.

Online chat now a days is trending because it is fast and usually done to solve the problems/query of the purchasers or buyer.

7. Better ROI for your Investments

While prior spending into digital marketing was very small but now seems to be increasingly dynamically.

digital marketing helps to get the more and more customers to the business with the investment of very less.

Its a ongoing process even the human resources are not physically available.

Utilizing web analytics the entrepreneurs to understand whether their site is giving ideal ROI or not.

8. Potential to Earn Higher Revenues

Since the money contributed may be a smaller amount but ROI is much much more.

you can easily expect more than your investment into the digital marketing strategies

According to an examination led by IPSOS Hong Kong as per Google has indicated that contrasted with customary techniques, digital marketing is understood to supply 2 times more income.

9. Expanding Audience Reach

The most significant advantages of digital marketing are reaching your crowd without limit to geographic area or countries.

In traditional marketing, you were bound by the scope and size of your clients and medium limits.

With the assistance of digital marketing the expansion is far more high and with open boundaries (countries) as digital marketing give a plus of getting to the various countries where your potential customers would be.

This is the great benefit of digital marketing .

10. Directed Audience Approach:

Digital marketing assist you to reach your the potential customer directly. SEO and SMM play an important part here.

Advantages of digital marketing ?

Worldwide reach – a site permits you to get new markets and exchange universally for just a small investment

Lower cost – an appropriately arranged and planned digital marketing campaign can reach the proper customer at lower cost as compared to traditional one

Measurable outcomes – measuring your online marketing with web analytics and other major tools is far easier.

It share the knowledge that where, who and the way the customer are responding to your advertising.

Personalisation – if your client database is connected to your site, then whenever someone visits the website , you’ll welcome them with focused and targeted offers.

The more they buy from you, the more you’ll add on your client profile and market effectively to them.

Openness – by engaging with online life, i.e. social media and managing it cautiously, you’ll establish the client loyalty and make a reputation for being easy to interact and connect with them.

Social currency – digital marketing allows you to draw engaging content campaigns using the various content marketing tactics.

This content (pictures, vdo, articles) can increase social currency – being passed from client to client and getting viral.

Improved conversion rates – if a company have an website then your targeted customers are few away from making a purchase.

Not in the least like other media which expect individuals to urge up and make a call, or attend a store , digital marketing be consistent and prompt.

Together, of these parts of digital marketing can possibly add up more deals/offers or sales

Disadvantages of digital marketing?

Skills and training– you ought to make sure that your staff has the right skills and expertise to digital marketing.

Without these it’s impossible to urge the target of digital marketing. a proper knowledge and clear fundamentals needs to be known by digital marketer

Here, tools and trends keep it up changing rapidly therefore the staffs must keep themselves updated and keep on learning.

Tedious and time consuming– SEO and online campaign takes lot of your time to succeed in its audience and positively the goal.

Patience and continuous work on digital marketing tools and instruments got to be focused.

High competition – while you’ll contact a worldwide customer with digital marketing, you’re additionally facing worldwide competition and rivalry.

It alright could also be a test to contrast contenders and to catch eye among the various messages focused on buyers on the online .

Negative feedback and complaints – the negative feedback/criticism or complaints can highly effect of your image as everything is online and is been watched by the customers.

Negative comment can damage the brand reputation immediately. So all eye needs to focus on what your customers are commenting.

Security and privacy – there are various lawful or legal considerations around gathering and utilizing client information for digital marketing purposes.

Here it must be cared about the privacy rules and data protection of your customers.

Why digital marketing is required?

Digital marketing is required for the followings:

1. Fast reach to the customer in no time

2. Global reach is awesome

3. High return on investment (ROI)

4. Affordability-low cost investment

5. Branding the products/services

6. Increasing the customer relationship and loyalty

7. Passive earning is possible.

Types of digital marketing?

There is numerous ways to try to to digital marketing, and these are:

1. Search engine optimization(SEO)

2. Social media marketing (SMM)

3. Content marketing

4. Pay per click( PPC)

5. Affiliate marketing

6. Email marketing

7. Mobile marketing

8. Sponsored content


• Search engine optimization (seo)

So, what’s seo? Seo is that the process of ranking your website within the search engine like google,yahoo and bing etc, and to bring huge amount of traffic to the web site .

It is the practice of generating the quality traffic to the website through “organic search ” method.

Seo focuses on: Title, Meta description, keyword, url name and updated articles etc.

It is observed that the web site which rank on top gets 36% of the entire click

While 2nd – 3rd position ranked one gets 13.35% and 13.10% respectively

How seo works?

Google or any other search engine features a crawler /spider that crawls and gathers the knowledge from everywhere the web site .

And then it make its own algorithm and choose the simplest website which has the foremost relevant information to the search made the people/users

search engines highly focus on the high quality and relevant content and provides the best user experience to its audience.

There are two ways to try to to seo:

1. On page seo

2. Off page seo

1. On page seo:

On page seo refers to all or any measures which will be taken directly “within the web site” so as to enhance its position within the program result.

It includes the keyword research and excellent use of that keyword within the contents or articles so that it rank fast.

2. Off page seo:

Off page seo refers action taken “outside of your website” to impact your ranking with google search result.

This includes activities  like backlinks, link juice and external links, directory submission etc

• Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing refers to the method of gaining traffic or generating attention of the audience through the social media sites.

Social media boosting or marketing is that the perfect way to reach unlimited and large audience, as everyone is in social media today.

Facebook, twitter, instagram, pininterest, whats app are the few platforms from which social media marketing is done

• Content marketing

Everything you share or post online is content. We always hear that” content is a king”.

That’s true; therefore professional and top quality content can bring more and more target customer to your website.

There might be various contents like video, text, images,ads banner etc

These will provide proper information about the products or services and attract you to buy those products.

Pay per click( PPC)

PPC or an ADWORD may be a sort of marketing technique to rank to the highest of the search result and increases your chances of bringing more traffic to your website and convert into the sale.

Here you pay to Google to run ads on the highest of the actual keyword searches made in the search engines . This provides instant traffic to your website.

Its benefits fast but every time you need to invest to get your ads on top of search result on a particular search keywords.

So, if anyone clicks on these ads result on the highest you’ve got to pay the agreed amount to the Google.

There are various sorts of ppc:

Search ads

Social media ads

Shopping ads

Display ads

Instream ads

• Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model where a corporation pays commission to a third party publishers to get results in the corporate products or services.

It is a commission based marketing on internet.

In easy understanding, you promote the products and services of the corporate in your website or in any other way

And if someone click on that affiliate link and buy the products you’ll be provided commission. it is as simple as that.

Amazon, clickbank, flipkart, amazon are the few popular affiliate provider company and the most trusted one.

Email marketing

Email marketing is that the technique that uses the e-mail platform to market your products or services.

collecting the email of the customers is the major goal here.

with the help of these email id the companies focuses to send offers and discount on the products and services and try to convert into sales

now a days company also uses email marketing for brand awareness.

But it just not limited there to , here you’ll develop a relation together with your customers and may generate a brand loyalty.

Everyone has an email id, this results in great potential to succeed in this high number of audience in no time.

• Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is technique to succeed in the targeted audience through the mobile via sms, mms, email, ads, apps etc

Now a day’s quite 80% of the web users uses the mobile. So it’s become great platform to get traffic to your website and market your product and services during a broad way.

so, mobile marketing is the highly recommended method of digital marketing.

• Sponsored content

In this digital marketing technique, you as a brad pay another company or website to make and promote your products or services.

Influencer marketing or blogger are often hired to advertise your products and services through their own blogs and website

Common Mistakes People repeat on Digital Marketing

1. No goal setting

2. Lack of A/B testing

3. Over optimizing your site

4. No investment in PPC

5. Marketing to anyone and everybody


As we have seen that there are numerous benefits and advantages the digital marketing can provide you. It is always advised to get benefits of digital marketing techniques.

An individual or any company can choose any type of digital marketing method whether it is seo,smm,or email marketing etc as per their goal.

choose the proper method of digital marketing to get success.

Advise from agency could be great to start with. you can choose any reputed agency into your local area and can get complete idea how they can help you to get online success.

I hope you must have like this article “What is digital marketing? Complete guide on digital marketing in 2021″

keep it up!!

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